Ida saves time for Bles Dairies

December 7, 2018
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Bles Dairies is a family run farm with 200 Dairy cows, the daily operations are taken care of by farm manager Mr. Daniel Metzlar and his wife Ellen.

Farm Overview


Daniel Metzlar


Bles Dairies


The Netherlands

Number of Dairy Cows


Ida Hired

Q3 2018

The farm decided to start using Ida sensors. The installation was simple. The field engineering team from Connecterra visited Bles Dairies and deployed all the necessary access points, base station and easy “click-fit” sensors onto the cows. The first results were received in about 2-3 weeks and set the foundation for advice that can be used in everyday operations. As Ida continued to gather data, the alerts became incredibly useful. “At first, insights seemed standard but as Ida collected more and more data, the insights became really interesting. Something that farmers can really use in their daily work on the farm.” Says Daniel Metzlar.

Rumination and health insights

If a cow is having issues with her ruminating activity, that can be a sign of a much bigger problem and as Daniel states: You can detect it pretty fast with the app. If the cow has a problem, its behaviour changes. Ida can detect it earlier.” Ida measures how much the cow ruminates, as well as other behaviours and uses that to make calculations as to whether or not that cow will develop a problem. This will translate into insights for the farmer so that the problem can be addressed before it becomes serious. This in itself improves efficiency in farm operations and saves on veterinary and medical costs. When a cow gets sick you generally need to treat her with medication and more than likely call in the veterinarian. A service call and the cost of medicine can come up to hundreds of Euros and according to the Bles Dairies Farm Manager: “With Ida you can prevent this, as it really helps you give your cows less antibiotics and keeps them healthy.”

24-hour farm manager

Upon interviewing Daniel, he put it in very simple terms, “You know what it is, you’re not standing in the barn 24/7. But Ida does, every minute of the day it zooms in on every single cow, if you wake up in the morning you already get the notification that you need to check on specific cows. You can take action before you can physically see the problem yourself. For me, that’s the big advantage of Ida.” Ida acts as an extra set of eyes in the barn and this way Daniel and his wife can be more relaxed when they are not physically present.

Extra family time

Like any profession, farming is time-consuming and cuts into time that should be enjoyed with family and friends. Dairy farming is no different and as Daniel says “If there are problems, you need to spend a lot of time on the cows to solve the problem. If the cows stay healthy you have more time to be home with your family. You can have more time for yourself. In that way, Ida saves time.”

"If the cows stay healthy you have more time to be home with your family. You can have more time for yourself. In that way, Ida saves time.”

While many may think that farming is not a technically astute industry, they could not be more wrong. The agricultural industry is booming with technological developments, carving out a niche “AgriTech” sector. So, when Daniel Metzlar states the following, “I am enthusiastic about Ida and would recommend it to other farmers. Everything is presented in a very simple way, and everybody can work with it. It’s a great piece of tech”, it really cements the vision that Connecterra is continually striving for: using the power of AI to create a more sustainable agricultural system.