Always learning. Always improving.

Ida is never static. She uses customer feedback and applies the latest advances in technology to create new features and improve existing ones. Curious to see what's new? Scroll down to learn more.

Your daily workflows made easy - introducing Ida's simplified dashboard

Your assistant has been working hard to make your interactions as smooth and efficient as possible. She's revealing the simplified dashboard – geared towards better prioritization and improved workflows. The new layout helps you focus on actionable and urgent issues, making sure you don't miss a thing.

What's changed

  • Ida highlights pending tasks and urgent updates - making it easy to prioritize and address issues as they arise;
  • She also keeps track of actions you've started and shows your status and timelines in the overview, so you can check your progress at a glance and pick up where you left off;
  • The new overview helps structure your workflow, saving time and making sure you get the best value from Ida.

Monitor heat after calving to improve transition period management

Monitoring cows' cycles after calving gives valuable insights into their health and wellbeing in the transition period. Ida's new charts in the Reproduction dashboard provide data around the first heat after calving, helping you understand how well cows are recovering.

Use these charts to analyze how long it takes for the cows to start cycling after calving and how changes in housing, ration or other operations affect fertility. This allows you and your team to make improvements in transition period management, to avoid fertility issues and get cows cycling sooner.

Seeing the impact of changes has never been easier with Ida's latest chart update

The newest addition to Ida's charts makes it easier to evaluate the impact of changes on farm KPIs. You can now view changes that happen on the farm directly on the chart, helping you associate fluctuations in KPIs with operational changes and other events. This enables you to make better informed decisions and improve farm metrics.

Ask Ida to track changes in milk yield and boost productivity

Want to understand how changes you make on farms impact productivity? Ask Ida to track the impact of changes on milk yield to make better decisions or recommendations.

Ida has added Milk Production to the KPIs you can ask her to track. When making a change in feed, bedding or other operations, ask her to monitor how this impacts milk production. You can use this to identify which changes have a positive impact on productivity to inform future decisions.

Get more out of your farm data with Ida's improved KPI charts

Ida has revamped her charts in the Analytics dashboards, to make data analysis and comparisons even easier! The KPI charts help you monitor farm data for trends, issues and opportunities. With the new visual and functional improvements, you have more customization and a better overview of your herds' data.

What's new

- You can now select the time period you want to view for the entire dashboard at once

- Your charts are consistently color-coded by farms and groups across the entire dashboard

- Chart legends are now being translated into your preferred language

- You can view specific values per day by hovering your mouse over a point on the chart

Review insights faster with Ida's new quick-reply function

Reviewing Ida's insights has just gotten easier! You can now respond to health and group insights directly from the insight list. This saves you the time of opening each insight individually, and makes it easier to give Ida feedback, helping her improve future insights.

Address health issues on farms more efficiently with Ida's new Health KPIs

Ida's health KPIs allow you to keep track of disease cases on your farms. To give you a better overview in one place, Ida is now integrating health issues reported in your dairy management software into her health charts. She has also added health charts per herd group and per DIM group, as well as dedicated charts for most common issues. This helps you address specific issues with tailored interventions for different groups and diseases.

Ask Ida to track the impact of changes you make on the herd's behavior

Measuring the impact of your recommendations is a great way to inform future decisions. Just like your customer, you can now Ask Ida to track how management and environmental changes --such as adjusting feed mix or changes in the weather-- affect the herd's behavior.

It's easy to address sensor issues with Ida's new insights overview

Ida relies on behavior data to monitor your herd's activity and wellbeing. It's important to keep data from the sensors flowing, so she doesn't miss any changes. Ida has improved the Sensor Insights page, giving you a better overview of outstanding issues at a glance. You can now address these insights more efficiently within your workflow.

More visibility into changes on the farm with Ida's new Farm Timeline

Keeping track of changes on your customers' farms can be a challenge. Your assistant has taken action to give you more visibility with the new Farm Timeline. This allows you to interpret data based on changes happening on the farm.