A system that is easy to manage

With Ida, you won’t waste time managing complex gadgets. Your dedicated customer success manager provides a guided, in-person or remote installation for a seamless start. Ida also keeps an eye on your system. She automatically notifies the team of any requests, allowing you to stay focused on the things that matter. Every customer is eligible for free technology upgrades, and all hardware is covered by our lifetime warranty.

Our Sensors

With more types of behavioral data than anyone else in the industry, Ida detects critical health and reproductive issues that others miss. Each sensor attaches to a cow collar and tracks eating, ruminating, lying, walking, standing, chewing and idle behaviors.

The click-on format works with most existing collars. Need to move the sensor to another cow? No problem. Sensors can be easily transferred to another cow and paired using the Ida app. Ida works with the standard 3G and 4G routers to make connectivity simple. Expected battery life follows industry standards and any replacements are covered under your subscription. 

Our designs are waterproof, shockproof and have been extensively tested with the most demanding cows. Have an exception? Ida’s lifetime warranty covers any necessary replacements at no cost.

Our base station

Each sensor sends behavior data from individual cows to the base station, where it is consolidated for transmission to Ida’s central intelligence. The base station is designed to be mounted in the barn and works with your existing internet connection. Like the sensors, the base station is covered by Ida’s free upgrade and lifetime warranty.

Our antenna

Do you have a grazing farm with thousands of acres? Or just a large confinement farm with multiple barns? Ida’s antennae extends her reach across the distance to eliminate any potential gaps in data. Your customer success manager will assess your needs during onboarding to determine whether an antennae is right for your farm. Like all Ida hardware, antennae are included in your subscription and covered by our upgrade and lifetime warranty. 

Sensor Insights

Occasionally a cow will move too far from the base station. Or a sensor may not be turned on before its place on a cow. Unlike other systems, Ida sees the missing sensor data and proactively alerts you with a Sensor Insight. Each insight includes simple instructions to get the sensor back online quickly. Ida also automatically notifies your customer success manager so that he or she can assist if needed. 

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