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Five A.M. in the barn will never be the same once you hire Ida. You’ll save time and money; but more importantly, you will have the peace of mind that comes from a productive, well-run farm.

*Ida has some exciting news! She's taking the next step in her career as the farmers' assistant at Datamars Livestock. Curious to learn more? Read the full story here.

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  • Speaks your language

  • Works on phone, tablet and desktop

  • Best-in-class customer success

  • Ongoing updates and new features

  • Real-time alerts and notifications

  • Lifetime warranty

Ida's Features

Ida detects heat and notifies you up to 5 hours before the optimal insemination window begins, helping you increase conception rates without spending a penny on tail paint, timed AI or extra labor. She also sends notifications for fertility-related problems and calvings so that you can act quickly. 

Our Successes

Hear from our customers around the world about working with Ida

  • Cloud-based digital assistant helps farm increase preg rates and energy-corrected milk

    Ida helps improve fertility metrics and boost health, while saving time and labor on Wisconsin dairy
  • Going High-Tech Benefits Cows and Employees

    Kutz dairy: improving herd health and streamlining tech on the farm
  • Better management decisions and more efficient use of labor thanks to Ida

    With Ida on the farm, Alex Neuenschwander and his team at Neu-Hope Dairy increased preg rates, improved detection of health issues and more.

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