Stay on top of health issues before they become big problems

Ida can tell when a cow isn’t feeling great 24-48 hours before most humans. She notices subtle behaviour changes that can indicate mastitis, lameness or other illnesses. Early warnings reduce treatment days and improve the welfare of your herd.

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  • Reduce antibiotic use up to 60%

  • Better care for vulnerable cows

  • Lower replacement rates

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Health List

Managing sick cows has never been easier. The health insights list helps you prioritise cows that need attention. Each insight includes simple questions that speed up diagnosis and supports decision-making on solutions or protocols. After diagnosis is complete, keep an eye on your cows in recovery with the ‘resolved’ tab. 

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Fresh Cow Insights

Ida pays close attention to fresh cow behaviors, alerting when they may need additional care. The correct protocol or treatment can be implemented quickly, maximizing comfort and maintaining high productivity.

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Non-Cycling Insights

Ida helps you diagnose and treat non-cyclic cows with underlying health problems quickly. She also provides a ‘treated cows’ list, making it easier to monitor their status and reduce delays in successful conception.

Because cows go out on pasture, it is great to have Ida helping us indicating which animals are having health issues. This really saves us time!

Johan van der Linden, The Netherlands

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