Measure the impact of operational change with ease

Any new protocols or changes can affect your productivity. Ida’s simple question-and-answer tool ‘Ask Ida’ measures effects of any changes you make on cow behaviours. Ask Ida questions can be easily shared to keep your whole team up with the play.

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  • More confident decision-making

  • Reduce speculation about the impact of change

  • Shared understanding with your team

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Start with a question

Tell Ida about your changes and the anticipated changes in behavior. Once you add your event, she will monitor the individual cow, group or the entire herd.

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Review your answer

Ida will notify you when she has your results. Each answer will indicate whether the change had a significant effect on behavior. 

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Share your results

With a single tap, Ask Ida results can be shared with your team or advisors via text message or email

Using Ask Ida keeps both the farmer and the advisor focused and fuels the discussion on what we call normal cow behavior and what we see as deviant.

Jolanda Berghuis

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