Making it easy to understand your herd's performance

Farm data is extremely useful for planning and improving your productivity. But who has the time for a complex analysis? Ida’s Analytics provides simple behaviour charts, giving you visibility into key behaviours for individual cows, groups or your entire herd. She also helps you compare and set benchmarks. Ida’s analysis can also be shared with your team so everyone’s on the same page. 

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  • Easily find opportunities for improvement

  • Spot collective changes that signal systemic problems

  • More confidence in decision-making

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Behaviour Comparison

Evaluate eating, ruminating, lying, walking and standing for individual cows, groups or the entire herd. It’s also easy to compare between cows that are dry, open, inseminated or in-calf.

Using the analytics feature in Ida we noticed that these two older cows showed a higher rumination activity than the rest of the (younger) cows. This gave me the confidence that the cows were doing great and the bolus really had an effect, reflected in the fact that these cows came into production very easily after calving.

Jolanda Berghuis, The Netherlands

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