Our approach to your success 

Good employee management doesn't stop with new-hire training. Our customer success managers are accomplished dairy people who have worked as farmers, farmhands or farm advisors around the world. They provide proactive and practical advice throughout Ida's career at your farm.


Once you’ve hired Ida, your customer success manager will prep her for arrival at your farm. They’ll assist with Ida’s hardware system setup and connect your farm management system and other smart hardware at the farm. You will be guided through a simple, one on one training session with the Ida app.

Proactive advice

Getting the most from Ida’s insights may require changing things up a bit. Our customer success managers use their experience to offer suggestions based on best practices and knowledge of your farm and the local area.

Troubleshooting and general support

Have a quick question? No worries. Simply send it via the chat icon in the Ida app and our customer success team will share answers or advice. We’re also available via email, Whatsapp or a visit to your farm.

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