How does Ida work?

Ida collects data around the clock to give you and your team guidance on every single animal.

But how does she get it all done?

Getting smarter all the time

With artificial intelligence designed for the dairy industry, Ida translates complex farm data into straight-up actionable insights. She’s always listening to your feedback and fine-tuning insights for the mob.

A scalable system for farms of any size

Get real-time, behaviour-based insights for your herd with Ida’s hardware. Click-on sensors can be attached to standard cow collars in seconds. Each subscription includes free upgrades, support and warranty for the duration of your subscription.

Working together to get the most from Ida

From a managed rollout to ongoing advice, our customer success managers work with you to ensure you achieve your reproduction, health and operational goals.

Seamless integrations with farm management systems

Ida works with the most commonly used farm management systems and other farm hardware such as sorting gates and milking robots. Ida uses these additional data sources to provide more robust insights. Collaboration with these partners is automated, so you don’t need to enter the same information twice. 

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