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Your farm will simply run smoother with Ida on your team. Intelligent insights will save you money and buy you more time to spend on the things that matter. With Ida’s smart assistance, delivered by a simple app, you’ll enjoy a productive, well-run farm ready for the future. 

We are working with Farm Source to offer great prices for Farm Source Account Holders and Fonterra Suppliers.

*Ida has some exciting news! She's taking the next step in her career as the farmers' assistant at Datamars Livestock. Curious to learn more? Read the full story here.

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  • Seamless billing with your Farm Source account

  • Works on phone, tablet and desktop

  • Best-in-class customer success

  • Ongoing updates and new features

  • Real-time alerts and notifications

  • Lifetime warranty

Ida's Features

Ida detects heat to notify you up to 5 hours before the optimal insemination window begins. That helps increase submission rates without a cent spent on tail paint or extra labour. Other notifications for fertility-related problems and calving let you react quickly.

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Our Successes

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  • Customer care and machine learning: why one North Island farmer chose Ida above the rest

    North Island dairy farmer Steve Holdem uses Ida AI to monitor his cows 24/7
  • "The best customer care by a long shot"

    Andrew Wiffen uses artificial intelligence animal monitoring system Ida to monitor his cows on his farm in New Zealand
  • The award-winning New Zealand farmer who got his highest-ever in-calf rate with Ida

    Chris Poole of Cloverlea farm in New Zealand uses Ida, the intelligent dairy assistant that uses cow sensors to help farmers have more productive and sustainable farms

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