Ida saves time for Bles Dairies

December 7, 2018
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Bles Dairies is a family-run farm with 200 dairy cows, with the daily operations being taken care of by farm manager Daniel Metzlar and his wife Ellen.

Farm Overview


Daniel Metzlar


Bles Dairies


The Netherlands

Number of Dairy Cows


Ida Hired

Q3 2018

After a smooth installation and setup, the farm started using Ida in 2019. As Ida continued to gather data, the alerts became incredibly useful. “At first, the insights seemed standard but as Ida collected more and more data, they became really interesting," says Daniel.

Rumination and health insights

If a cow is having rumination issues, Ida can detect these earlier and alert farmers about potential health problems, which can be addressed before they become serious or costly.

Ida can also detect other early behaviour changes that can indicate mastitis, metritis, ketosis or other illnesses. “With Ida, you can prevent illnesses, reduce antibiotic usage and keep cows healthier," says Daniel.

24-hour farm manager

Even when you're not in the dairy 24/7, you can still know exactly what's happening with the cows as Ida is always monitoring them. "Each morning I get notificiations and know what's happpened the night before," says Daniel. "I can take action before I've seen the problem, and because we have 'eyes' on the cows all the time, we are much more relaxed."

Extra family time

"When there are problems with the cows, you need to spend a lot of time with them," says Daniel. Thanks to Ida, the cows are healthier, which means Daniel has more time to spend with his family, and focus on other areas of the business.

"If the cows stay healthy you have more time to be home with your family. You can have more time for yourself. In that way, Ida saves time.”

While many may think that farming is not a technologically advanced industry, they couldn't be more wrong. The agricultural industry is booming with technological developments, carving out a niche “agtech” sector. So, when Daniel says, “I am enthusiastic about Ida and would recommend it to other farmers. Everything is presented in a very simple way, and everybody can work with it. It’s a great piece of tech”, it really cements the vision that Connecterra is continually striving for: using the power of AI to create a more sustainable agricultural system.