Take the guesswork out of breeding for better productivity

Managing reproduction isn’t easy when you’re not always in the barn. Ida monitors each cow for signs of heat, ensuring you don’t miss the optimal time for insemination. She also spots fertility-related issues, helping you proactively address non-cyclic cows, potential abortions and calvings.

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  • Increase heat detection by as much 20%

  • Achieve pregnancy rates up to 34%

  • Better implementation of calving protocols

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Insemination insights

Ida detects cows that have come into heat and alerts you up to 5 hours before the optimal insemination window begins. Each cow is automatically added to an easy-to-navigate list, helping you plan ahead and streamline your protocols.

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Non-cycling insights

Cows with short cycles or missing cycles can create delays in successful conception, reducing your productivity and increasing costs. Ida identifies these cows so that you can treat underlying health problems or start hormone treatments quickly. Once the issue is diagnosed, Ida automatically adds the cow to the “treated cows” list, making it easier to monitor their status.

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Calving insights

Ida detects when a cow is calving and sends an insight so that you can implement your calving protocols quickly and efficiently. Once you confirm the calving and any complications in your app, Ida will use your feedback to fine tune detection for your herd. 

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Abortion insights

When Ida sees a potential abortion, she marks these cows for extra attention. Her insights help you take action quickly and avoid productivity loss or unnecessary expenses. 

With Ida's help, our current heat detection rate is now over 60%, compared to 40% in 2018. This increased the pregnancy rate, hence increasing the profitability of our farm.

Alex Neuenschwander, USA

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